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Award-winning photographer Ria Waugh was born in southern California, but has called many parts of the globe her home. Raised by parents whose sense of adventure moved the family to both Australia and England for work, those countries were merely launching pads to a lifetime of travel and exploration of the world around her. Many of Ria’s images show her fondness for architecture, stunning landscapes, incredible wildlife, and the fascinating lives of people captured through street portraits. Ria’s goal as a photographer is to create the kinds of images that place the viewer in the scene and evoke the tone, mood and atmosphere of that moment in time when the shutter has clicked. Ria’s creative process begins with careful planning and sometimes just being in the right place, at the right time. Back home in the digital darkroom Ria perfects the image, readying it for print. Her fine art prints have won multiple awards and are on display in homes, businesses, and galleries throughout the country. The desire to explore that was instilled in Ria at a young age, has not diminished and she is happiest when she can capture the immense diversity and beauty of our world…whether it is on the other side of the globe or closer to home. Ria currently lives in Dublin, Ohio and shares her love of travel with her husband Gavin.


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